A new Environmental Organisation

Callisto was “born” in Greece in 2004, but it is already a 15 year-old “child” that has walked on Pindos, Rodopi and Gramos mountains. That’s where its members have worked during those past years, following the footprints of the bear, the tracks of the wolf, the scarce signs of the lynx.

Today, based in Thessaloniki, the initial team of scientists has been surrounded by people sensitive in environmental issues. All together, with you, they are trying to protect the environment Get Rid of Skin Tags as a public and collective commodity, to exercise control - which stems from our democratic duty – to all those who make crucial decisions regarding the quality of human life.

The modern-day Callisto promotes the beauty of nature, the value of diversity, the right to life. It touches the conscience of every informed citizen and calls him to take initiative in order to tackle the serious environmental and social problems of our time.